The Oldest House – A Worm Through Time CD

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1. Objects of Power (05:30)
2. The Oldest House (05:54)
3. A Worm Through Time (04:35)
4. Interdimensional Mold (04:17)
5. The Painting on The Wall (04:22)

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The solo project by A.M., singer of Aversio Humanitatis, THE OLDEST HOUSE debuts with “A Worm Through Time”, a surprising sludge doom EP divided into five songs but conceived as a single, long sonic nightmare.
“What I am aiming to create with The Oldest House is the feeling of facing a huge wall of static that is creeping slowly towards you,” explains A.M., “a rumble so deep that surrounds everything it touches and shakes it to the core. A blinding light that you can almost touch, a frequency that is as primal as it is maddening.”
“A Worm Through Time” sounds exactly like this, a black monolith that projects a sinister shadow all around, vibrating in the cosmos to the notes of a devastating and oppressive sludge doom, suddenly torn apart by ambient escapes that increase the emotional tension rather than loosening it. A ritual of black psychedelia at the crossroads between Neurosis and Tangerine Dream.

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