Tongues – Formløse Stjerner LP


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1. Elder Fire (7:33)
2. Awake In The Macrocosm (7:55)
3. Mouth Of The Deep (7:15)
4. Formløse Stjerner (15:37)

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“Formløse Stjerner” (in English, Formless Stars) is the second full-length by TONGUES, the worthy successor of an album, “Hreilia”, which placed the Danish band on the map of the most esoteric and occult underground metal. If possible, the band manages to further perfect its style that embraces black, death and doom metal in equal measure, and which finds its perfect realization in the 15+ minutes of the monumental title track. To precede it, 3 long songs which, thanks to thundering riffs and enveloping guitar solos, channel not only all the fury of which TONGUES are capable, but also certain depressive drifts which spread melancholy over their dark melodies.

The overarching theme of the album is the revelation of negative knowledge and wisdom, and the bitterness that comes with that.

“This world is transient and illusory, but we are somehow chained to it because of our physicality” drummer/lyricist Christian Qvortrup explains.

“The formless stars in the album title and on the cover painting are used as symbols of our ideals and dreams. They are a glimpse into an realm we wish to reach out, but as years go by they become murky, hard to grasp, and they almost mock us and our aspirations.”

In other words, “Formløse Stjerner” is about disillusionment and loss of connection with our spiritual sphere, but evidently this is not about TONGUES, who once again deliver a handful of songs that are more inspiring and moving than ever.

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