Wyrgher – Panspermic Warlords LP


1. Dormant They Drift (4:20)
2. Destroyer Of The Promethean Path (9:56)
3. Solar Harvest (6:39)
4. Summoning The Meteoric Titans (3:32)
5. Supreme Leader Of A Dying Star (9:23)
6. The Weeping Of A Blazing Rock (5:47)
7. Panspermic Warlords (9:28)

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12″LP in gatefold sleeve.

Includes code for Bandcamp streaming & download of the digital version of the album (available on the release date).


Part of the Helvetic Underground Committee and led by multi-instrumentalist Menetekel (Ungfell, Ateiggär and many other Swiss bands), WYRGHER are back 8 years after the debut album with their sophomore release, “Panspermic Warlords”, a fascinating fresco of cosmic black metal dense with atmospheric nuances. Alongside Menetekel, the excellent drummer Voidgaunt, fundamental in giving the album the necessary energy to hurl it into the deepest space, as the concept requires.

The foundation of “Panspermic Warlords” is based on the theory of Panspermia, which itself has no scientific basis. The theory assumes that all life in the universe comes from the same origin. As such, life has been spread throughout the universe via stardust, meteorites, or even spaceships.

“This album addresses the idea that all life was intentionally spread throughout the universe by an alien species,” Menetekel further explains. “The war caste of the aforementioned species have traversed space for millions of years in giant spaceships, while lying dormant in cryogenic sleep. These ‘panspermic warlords’ plant their seed of life on uninhabited planets, an act not conducted with noble intentions, but rather for the sole purpose of inhabiting as much of the universe as possible with their seed. In this way, the creation of life is equated to an act of war. People and civilizations that arise from this process are thus exposed to an existence that is inherently futile.”

While some tracks on “Panspermic Warlords” explore this concept, in others WYRGHER directly or indirectly describe the associated themes. As a result, the album deals not only with the subject of interstellar warfare, but also with various attempts by humanoid life to overcome the burden of futility associated with involuntarily creating its own existence.

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