Vertebra Atlantis – Lustral Purge In Cerulean Bliss CD


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1. Agoraphobic Solipsist (6:01)
2. Carnal Denouement (5:04)
3. Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss (6:15)
4. Altopiano Celeste (7:22)
5. Spiritual Onset (4:21)
6. Saw Thee Quietly Inurned (5:10)
7. The Hermit Strums a Mournful Dirge (8:03)


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VERTEBRA ATLANTIS are born from the imagination of G.G., the artist behind COSMIC PUTREFACTION, one of 2020’s most revered death metal bands. In this new metal adventure G.G. is supported by two fellow musicians: R.R. (HOMSELVAREG) on drums and vocals, and Vrangr (SPELLS OF MISERY) on bass. VERTEBRA ATLANTIS’ debut album, “Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss” brings to life a relentless blend of dissonant black metal, dark atmospheres and monolithic death metal. The band paints desolate landscapes to be admired in awe. The granite rhythm section, along with annihilating guitar riffs and psychedelic arpeggios, accompanies the hellish screams and cavernous growls of G.G. and R.R. depicting a complex portrait of revenge, anger and despair. Wrapped in a wonderful, enigmatic painting by Vamamarga, VERTEBRA ATLANTIS’ “Lustral Purge in Cerulean Bliss” is a powerful manifesto of multifaceted, vicious extreme metal and apocalyptic atmospheres that annihilates all will, leaving the listener prey to melancholy and a sense of painful atonement, yet eager to follow the next steps of this new, intriguing and cursed electric beast.

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