Zos – The Whole Of The Body I Call Zos CD


1. The Whole Of The Body I Call ZOS (8:37)
2. Volition (7:18)
3. Black Albatross (7:37)
4. On The Announcer Of Great Events (12:03)
5. Oh, Mighty Rehctaw (8:19)

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From the thick fog of an acid ritual of chaos comes ZOS, a latent memory of doomed visionaries that leads the listener to each one’s own subconscious shadow planes.

ZOS owes its name to 20th century counterculture pioneer, Austin Osman Spare and his body of work. Recorded between November 2019 and June 2021, “The Whole Of The Body I Call ZOS” is the third and most mature release of the Polish band, a jumble of electric guitars, thundering drums and unique occult atmospheres. Focusing on automatism as means of creation, ZOS follow the thread of inspiration during intoxicating improvisations where psychedelic rock, doom and drone metal dissolve into lysergic melodies leading to inner bliss.

In guitarist Aāos-Ra’s own words, “the sounds featured on The Whole Of The Body I Call ZOS phonomachy are the fruit of an incense process of unlearning, of automatic expression of imaginative vistas from far beyond the veil of what is conscious and deliberate, from an estate of mind within and without.”

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