Neptunian Maximalism – Finis Gloriae Mundi CD


1. Sustain
2. ZÂR – Empowering The Phurba – Éon Phanérozoïque
3. VAJRABHAIRAVA – The Summoning (Nasatanada Zazas!)
5. VAJRABHAIRAVA – The Great Wars of Quaternary Era Against Ego
6. Ol SONUF VAORESAJI! La Sixième Extinction de Masse – Le Génocide Anthropocène
7. Neptune’s Rising
8. The Conference Of The Stars (Part One: Cleopatra That Goddess)
9. The Conference Of The Stars (Part Two: The Ascension)
10. Neptunian’s Raga Marwa


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I, Voidhanger Records and Utech Records are happy to team up on a beautiful live recording from the Belgian collective’s European tour in 2021.

NEPTUNIAN MAXIMALISM live is an heavy, cosmic, out experience. This document was recorded by Nico Van Montfort at Doornroosje in Nijmegen, NL. Over ten tracks and 66 minutes the Arkestra offer a glimpse into their psychedelic universe via atmospherics, spirituality and mystery.

“Finis Gloriae Mundi” (The End of World Glory) is an allegory of death, or memento mori, a reminder of both the transience of earthly life and the universality of death. In the twinkling of an eye, the listener is taken on an exotic journey of the mind where substance is human no more. Wrapped in a lush painting by Slovakian artist David Glomba, “Finis Gloriae Mundi” is a world unto itself.